Football and writing???

Well, if you really know me then you know I LOVE football! Doesn’t matter if it is high school (Go Greyhounds-and (Yellowjackets…for Austin!), college or PRO~Love my New Orleans Saints! I love all kinds of American Football. And NO it isn’t for the men running around in tight pants, although that is nice to look at! I like the hard hitting power, the screaming fans and the calls that sometimes drive me mad, all of those things keep me coming back for more…and the games all begin on Thursday night when the Saints take on the Vikings!!! WOO-HOO!!!!! Cannot wait!

Now to the writing…I’m sending off a query to Deb Werksman, the awesome editor for Sourcebooks Inc. that I saw on a panel of editors at RWA Pro this year. She captured my interest immediately with her personable attitude and easy going nature. Her answers to the crowd were precise and she explained everything very well. I’m very excited to send her my story and I hope to hear back from her soon…even if it won’t be good news, it will be a reaction, I’m ready for any answer at this moment! 🙂

The ACA blog is amazing! I’m so glad that we went and hung out with these women even when I didn’t want to b/c of the early drive back…I’m thrilled at the turnout and I’m happy that I changed my mind about hanging out so late at night with those wild women! We have met new friends and fellow writers with the same problems that we have…we have common ground and that makes for awesome brainstorming should that need ever arise!

I have also entered the Gateway to the Best contest, can’t wait to see how that turns out. Like I said, many things are going on right now, and I’m excited about all of these new things!

Good Luck to the Saints Thursday night!

Trish aka wackycajun


3 Responses to “Football and writing???”

  1. kelliejwin Says:

    Good luck with your submission! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. I’m not much into being a spectator of any sport – I’m much better at participating. If you visit my blog, I’ve got an article about how I’m the worst spectator ever.
    The ACA blog is fun and I’m so glad I met you all! The experience and support is fantastic.

  2. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you too. The thing I liked about Deb W. was her straight-shooting attitude. When she looked at my ms, even though she passed on it, she also took the time to recommend someone who might be interested in it. I thought that was really nice.
    Good luck on the contest too!! Guess I’ll cross my eyes or toes for that one. HA HA
    And I’m really glad I met all of you! It was worth only 2 hours of sleep 🙂

  3. Good luck with your submission and the contest.

    Oh, by the way, being from Minnesota I am a Vikings fan. I was shaking my head for a week after that game. Altough, I am sure you were thrilled for beating us, yet again. 🙂

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