A spark…finally!!!!

Things have been hectic for the past (almost a year now) with getting married, my hubby having two surgeries (both major) and trying to write and balance out normal, everyday worklife, hell yeah it has been hectic. So imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning last week and had a new idea for a book that has been ‘shelved’ for awhile now without an ending.

Brenan MacKinnon is a 400 year old Amber Druid. He is everything that NONE of my other Druid’s are…devilishly charming, smart alecky and self deprecating enough to be human and interesting. He is so attention grabbing that a few women who have read my first few Druid books remarked on Brenan’s character and how he ‘stole the stage’ from the main h/h’s. It was basically to the point that I had to fuss at him and put him in a corner for time out b/c he wouldn’t stop pestering my readers, who of course wanted to read his story and not the actual one they were reading!

When I finally got to his, everything flowed, so well, so unbelievably well. It was almost as if Brenan was sitting beside me and saying, “See, my little author, if you would have only listened to me and wrote me first you would be finished by now!”, in his seductively HOT Scottish tinged voice. Almost enough to make you want to smack him for being so “I told you so.”

But then I got to a point near the end of the book and ‘BAM’…nothing. It stopped. Brenan stopped talking to me, Jules the herione stopped talking to me…and I was left with nothing.

Until almost six months later when I had a dream which told me exactly how to end the book. Amazingly enough, I remembered it when I woke and BOOM, instant muse slapped back to my side. I wrote one chapter in an hour and a half. Much more than I had written (of that book) in the past six months…needless to say I’m ecstatic and ready to finish this book and let the willing denizens tear it apart.

Onto the end of Brenan! And then maybe he won’t be a scene stealer no more!




2 Responses to “A spark…finally!!!!”

  1. kelliejwin Says:

    I know how you feel. I had to put one project aside because i just didn’t know where to go with it, and then all of a sudden I was compelled to do a re-write and couldn’t stop until it was done. Now I don’t even want to look at it, and others have taken centre stage. Funny how inspiration hits, doesn’t it?

  2. Girl, you are SO right! This book was on the shelf for awhile now. I’m just thrilled that I was able to have that spark and write the scene that needed to be written, now hopefully I can finish it in about 10,000 more words!!


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