RWA…at a glance

I had to take a deep breath a few times…not only when I saw Nora Roberts only 50 feet away as she spoke about her early writing years… again not only when me and my MIL just happened to run into Sabrina Jeffries and Claudia Dain in the book fair…and lastly, upon meetin TONS of new people…RWA brings together women, men, nationalities and this past weekend it brought together around 2000 of them into the DISNEY SWAN and DOLPHIN RESORT.

There were too many MOMENTS for me to name but the one at the top was getting to meet friend and fellow author FARRAH ROCHON who has been hearing my voice or seeing my words for almost ten years now. She is everything I knew she would be in person and so is another new friend KATHY PICKETT. Kathy has become close to me over the past year and a half and I enjoyed every minute that I spent in her company…and hope for another chance to meet her soon!

The workshops were awesome, awe-inspiring (whenever I learned that LINDA HOWARD’s workshop would be her last one) and funny as heck (case in point whenever RHONDA NELSON said BRING ON  THE MOIST right in the middle of a workshop!!).

With so much going on we didn’t make it to DISNEY WORLD PARKS but that was fine b/c by the time we got back to the room we both dropped.

Lori and I both had a blast, even helped form a new blog…I think, and we learned a ton. Now hopefully with all of that new information (and a few new friends) we can forge ahead with our stories!

Until next time…



One Response to “RWA…at a glance”

  1. Oooooh! I like…I like it alot, honey. About what you said earlier…it helps to have alot of Facebook friends and a very large family! I’ve got siblings and cousins spread out all over the place. Let’s not forget my mom and her own little network of little old ladies! LOL!
    Love you, hon. I had a blast with you!

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