Don’t you love reality?

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I mean, who doesn’t? Unless you are one of those people that doesn’t have a full time job, doesn’t have to pay medical bills, doesn’t have to worry about eating that extra cookie b/c you might gain five pounds…

Who am I kidding? I’m no Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts or Scarlett Johannsen. I LOOK at a cookie and I gain five pounds!

But…needless to say we are stuck with it, this reality thing. It reminds us everyday how lovely it is.

Like when you feel like crap, and you can’t wait to get home and take the good meds that will knock your ass out so that you can sleep it away. Like when life reminds you of your decision (no-impulse) of becoming a writer). Like when you have three or four WIP’s in progress and can’t write hardly a thing in any of them. Like life reminding you of that fact when you pick up a book and get sucked in immediately, then automatically think to yourself…”How come my plot isn’t this good? How come my internal conflict isn’t pulling me or my future readers in? How come the repatoire between the h/h is so darn fast and snippy, the way I like it? …DAMNIT!”

Okay, my tangent is gone now. I can stop my rant. Because like Elizabeth Hoyt said in her workshop…WHO NEEDS A STINKIN MUSE ANYWAY?

Well………apparently I do!

Trish, signing off, and hopefully later on my muse will come back from vacation!



Football and writing???

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Well, if you really know me then you know I LOVE football! Doesn’t matter if it is high school (Go Greyhounds-and (Yellowjackets…for Austin!), college or PRO~Love my New Orleans Saints! I love all kinds of American Football. And NO it isn’t for the men running around in tight pants, although that is nice to look at! I like the hard hitting power, the screaming fans and the calls that sometimes drive me mad, all of those things keep me coming back for more…and the games all begin on Thursday night when the Saints take on the Vikings!!! WOO-HOO!!!!! Cannot wait!

Now to the writing…I’m sending off a query to Deb Werksman, the awesome editor for Sourcebooks Inc. that I saw on a panel of editors at RWA Pro this year. She captured my interest immediately with her personable attitude and easy going nature. Her answers to the crowd were precise and she explained everything very well. I’m very excited to send her my story and I hope to hear back from her soon…even if it won’t be good news, it will be a reaction, I’m ready for any answer at this moment! 🙂

The ACA blog is amazing! I’m so glad that we went and hung out with these women even when I didn’t want to b/c of the early drive back…I’m thrilled at the turnout and I’m happy that I changed my mind about hanging out so late at night with those wild women! We have met new friends and fellow writers with the same problems that we have…we have common ground and that makes for awesome brainstorming should that need ever arise!

I have also entered the Gateway to the Best contest, can’t wait to see how that turns out. Like I said, many things are going on right now, and I’m excited about all of these new things!

Good Luck to the Saints Thursday night!

Trish aka wackycajun

A spark…finally!!!!

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Things have been hectic for the past (almost a year now) with getting married, my hubby having two surgeries (both major) and trying to write and balance out normal, everyday worklife, hell yeah it has been hectic. So imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning last week and had a new idea for a book that has been ‘shelved’ for awhile now without an ending.

Brenan MacKinnon is a 400 year old Amber Druid. He is everything that NONE of my other Druid’s are…devilishly charming, smart alecky and self deprecating enough to be human and interesting. He is so attention grabbing that a few women who have read my first few Druid books remarked on Brenan’s character and how he ‘stole the stage’ from the main h/h’s. It was basically to the point that I had to fuss at him and put him in a corner for time out b/c he wouldn’t stop pestering my readers, who of course wanted to read his story and not the actual one they were reading!

When I finally got to his, everything flowed, so well, so unbelievably well. It was almost as if Brenan was sitting beside me and saying, “See, my little author, if you would have only listened to me and wrote me first you would be finished by now!”, in his seductively HOT Scottish tinged voice. Almost enough to make you want to smack him for being so “I told you so.”

But then I got to a point near the end of the book and ‘BAM’…nothing. It stopped. Brenan stopped talking to me, Jules the herione stopped talking to me…and I was left with nothing.

Until almost six months later when I had a dream which told me exactly how to end the book. Amazingly enough, I remembered it when I woke and BOOM, instant muse slapped back to my side. I wrote one chapter in an hour and a half. Much more than I had written (of that book) in the past six months…needless to say I’m ecstatic and ready to finish this book and let the willing denizens tear it apart.

Onto the end of Brenan! And then maybe he won’t be a scene stealer no more!


RWA…at a glance

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I had to take a deep breath a few times…not only when I saw Nora Roberts only 50 feet away as she spoke about her early writing years… again not only when me and my MIL just happened to run into Sabrina Jeffries and Claudia Dain in the book fair…and lastly, upon meetin TONS of new people…RWA brings together women, men, nationalities and this past weekend it brought together around 2000 of them into the DISNEY SWAN and DOLPHIN RESORT.

There were too many MOMENTS for me to name but the one at the top was getting to meet friend and fellow author FARRAH ROCHON who has been hearing my voice or seeing my words for almost ten years now. She is everything I knew she would be in person and so is another new friend KATHY PICKETT. Kathy has become close to me over the past year and a half and I enjoyed every minute that I spent in her company…and hope for another chance to meet her soon!

The workshops were awesome, awe-inspiring (whenever I learned that LINDA HOWARD’s workshop would be her last one) and funny as heck (case in point whenever RHONDA NELSON said BRING ON  THE MOIST right in the middle of a workshop!!).

With so much going on we didn’t make it to DISNEY WORLD PARKS but that was fine b/c by the time we got back to the room we both dropped.

Lori and I both had a blast, even helped form a new blog…I think, and we learned a ton. Now hopefully with all of that new information (and a few new friends) we can forge ahead with our stories!

Until next time…


Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!